Zero Peroxide review.

What is Zero Peroxide?


As the name itself suggests Zero Peroxide teeth whitening kit doesn’t include peroxide in its formulation. Since it is peroxide free product is it safe to use and it cause neither irritation nor sensitivity like some other kits. Additionally to whitening your teeth this kit can also be beneficial for the general health of your gums and teeth too. So as a result you will not need to go to your dentist so often and would be able to enjoy healthy smile for much longer time.

What is included in this kit?

Zero Peroxide offers two different kits for its users – basic and more advance. Basic kit consists of three different components, which are whitening gel pen, luxury mouth tray and one 10 ml gel. More advance kit comes with 7 components, which include led accelerator, two 10 ml gels, luxury mouth tray, travel bag, mouth tray holder, whitening gel pen and tooth shade guide. All these components can be also bought separately depending on your preferences and budget.

Led accelerator. This led light tray included in the kit can help you speed up and most importantly enchase the results you get from Zero Peroxide by even up to 50%.

Whitening gel pen. Both of the kits offered by Zero Peroxide come with a pocket size gel pen. This will allow you to whiten your teeth even when you are on the go. Since it is small in size it can be easily carried in any handbag.

Tooth shade guide. This guide is quite useful additional tool, which will allow you track the progress of your teeth whitening easier.

Luxury mouth tray. This kit comes with a mouth tray that is made of very soft silicone, which is far easier and convenient to use.

Mouth tray holder will ensure safer storage and prevent germs and bacteria from getting on your mouth tray.

What ingredients are included in formulation?

  • Sodium bicarbonate (35%). This is the main ingredient that is included in this teeth whitening product. It is quite commonly added in various mouthwash and toothpaste products since it has strong whitening features. However in Zero Peroxide it is included in a far higher potency so it works more effectively to whiten your teeth. In addition to whitening effect it can help to eliminate marks and strains from your teeth.

  • Sodium fluoride is included in order to strengthen enamel of your teeth, which in turn greatly reduces the chances of getting decay. According to various researches sodium fluoride can help to prevent decay by even 40%-60%.

  • Aloe Vera is a great ingredient for promoting oral health. In addition to aiding to the whitening process it can also help to minimize mouth ulcers as well as improve the health of gums & teeth.

  • Pomegranate works by eliminating plague from your teeth so other components in Zero Peroxide would be able to work faster and more efficiently on whitening your teeth.

  • Chamomile. This ingredient is effective in preventing infections and killing various kinds of bacteria. Due to this you will be able to avoid mouth ulcers, which quite commonly gets in the way of teeth whitening.

  • Natural Flavors. In order to avoid bad taste of the gel, Zero Peroxide is flavored with a minty taste. This ensures that a gel is in a far better taste so it is easier to use it on a daily bases.

What are the main Pros and Cons of this Teeth Whitening kit?

Main Pros:

  • One of the safest teeth whitening kits available, since it doesn’t contain any chemicals or peroxide;
  • Doesn’t cause sensitiveness or irritation;
  • Doesn’t require you to spend much time daily, only 20 minutes per day;
  • The amount of gel provided in the kit can be enough for ~30-40 treatments, which is enough to notice a significant improvement in your teeth;
  • Additional ingredients in the gel can also reduce plague and chances of having decay;
  • The kit comes with a led lite, which can greatly enchase whitening results;
  • Since it doesn’t expire for a long time, you can use it for up to 2 year time;
  • This product comes with money back guarantee (30 days).

Main Cons:

  • Since it is peroxide and chemicals free kit it might not work as fast as other product, but if you prefer safety it is definitely a good choice product.
  • It can be said that it is one of the most expensive kits; however all of the components included in the kit are definitely worth a price. In case you don’t have a huge budget for teeth whitening you can also choose a basic kit or separate components in it, which will greatly reduce the price.

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How to use Zero Peroxide?

The process of using this teeth whitening kit is quite simple. In the first step you should add a small amount of gel in both bottom and top parts of your mouth tray and put it in your mouth. In the second step switch the led accelerator on and add it on the mouth tray. For the best results leave it for up to 30 minutes time. After that take out the tray, clean it and put it back to the holder. This should be repeated two times per day. Also it is important to wash your hands with cleaning soap before and after using this kit.

Where to buy it?

buy-zero-peroxideYou can buy Zero Peroxide kit only directly from the manufacturer website online. Depending on your location and the package you will choose you might be also eligible for free shipping. The price of this teeth whitening product depends on which kit you will decide to choose. Since there are two different kits available it is affordable whitening system for everyone who wants whiter teeth.

Visit official Zero Peroxide page here.