Whiter Smile Labs review.

What you should know about Whiter Smile Labs?


Whiter Smile Labs offers high quality kit for people who want to whiten teeth at the comfort of their home. A kit consists of custom made mouth tray, which is very convenient to use and a gel that has little to no sensitivity to your tooth. The main whitening agent in the gel is Carbamide Peroxide (38%), which is both safe and effective for teeth whitening. All of the components in the kit are made in the USA, FDA approved lab so you do not need to worry about quality of this product. Using this kit as directed you can expect to make your teeth whiter by 7 or even 10 shades within just a week time.

What is included in the kit?

  • High intensity whitening gel, which will be enough to use for two full cycles (7 days);
  • 2 custom made mouth trays;
  • A storage box where you can keep your trays while they are not being used;
  • 2 impression materials (one extra if you will not make it right in the first try);
  • Pre-paid envelope so you can send your impressions back to the lab;


What are the main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros:

  • According to manufacturer you can make your teeth whiter by up 10 ten shades within 7 days of using this kit;
  • Whiter Smile Labs will provide you with 2 custom made mouth trays that will fit in your mouth just perfectly;
  • The main whitening agent found in the gel is Carbamide Peroxide (38%), which is the same what your dentists use so you can expect similar results for much lower price;
  • The whitening gel of this kit will cause you neither gum irritation nor teeth sensitivity;
  • Everything is made in FDA approved lab in USA, so you can be sure you will get high quality products;
  • Comes with money back guarantee and also free shipping on orders higher than $25;

Main Cons:

  • If you are buying a complete kit of Whiter Smile Labs it can be said that it is quite expensive (~$90), but the quality of this kit is definitely worth some extra money;
  • It takes some additional time to receive custom made trays, so you will need to wait a few extra days before you can start whitening your teeth.

What do consumer reviews say?

The reviews of Whiter Smile Labs kit that you can find online are very positive. Many people are very happy about custom made trays and also whitening results they manage to achieve within a short time. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Whiter Smile Labs kit bellow.

Review #1: The trays fit perfectly and arrived in a timely manner. I tried the whitening gel for 2 days and I could see quite a difference.

Review #2: I love the trays, they fit great. The gel seems pretty good as well so overall a great deal for your money.

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Before and after results.


Where to buy Whiter Smile Labs kit and what is the price?

This kit is available for purchase either on the official website or on popular online websites like Amazon. At the moment the price of a complete Whiter Smile Labs kit is ~$90. In case you already have mouth trays there is also an option to buy whitening gels separately and save some money.

Find Whiter Smile Labs kit on Amazon.

Should you try Whiter Smile Labs kit?

If you are looking for a professional teeth whitening product that would provide similar results as your dentist does this kit is definitely worth consideration. It is true that it is a bit more expensive than compared to other kits, but also the quality and also the fact that you will get custom made mouth trays from a lab is definitely worth some extra money. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a kit that includes trays that don’t fit properly in your mouth.

When you will first get this kit shipped to you, you will need to make impressions of your teeth and send them back to Whiter Smile Labs. Then the lab will start making you custom trays and send it back to you within just a couple of days. This whole process will not cost you any additional money since there will be a pre-paid envelope already included in the kit. The only negative thing is that it will take some extra time to receive your custom made trays. To make this whole process as short as possible you should send your impressions as soon as you get a kit delivered to you.