Power Swabs Teeth Whitening review.

What you should know about Power Swabs.

Power-SwabsPower Swabs is an inovative new teeth whitening product designed for people who do not like to use mouth trays or strips. It uses swabs that are filled with solvents, detergents and other ingredients that work in combination to clean and whiten your teeth. It is important to mention that these detergents and solvents are completely safe when used orally.

One of the biggest benefits of Power Swabs is that it requires only 5 minutes of your time to use them daily. According to manufacturer of this product users will not experience increased sensitivity or irritation, because bleaching agent in the gel hydrates the tooth during the whitening process. Also it is worthwhile to mention that you can expect to notice results just after the first usage. According to manufacturer of this product completing 7 days of whitening with these swabs should make your teeth whiter by up to 6 shades.

What is included in this Kit?

Since Power Swabs offer different whitening products for its users, components in these kits might be different. Depending on your current teeth condition and how much whitening you need you can choose 7 days kit or even a kit that is aimed to be used for 1 or 3 months. It is also worthwhile to mention that depending on your budget you can buy each of the components in the kits separately. Bellow you can find a short description of components included in Power Swabs Ultimate 1-Month Kit and how they work.Power-Swabs-Teeth-Whitening-kit

7 Stain-Out Swabs. This is the main component in this kit and it works efficiently eliminate stains that are found on the outside of your teeth and deep within enamel. All this effect is achieved by solvents and detergents that are found in the swabs.

7 White Swabs Ultra. It is a great additional product to increase effects of Stain-Out Swabs. These Swabs are made with extra strength formula that can greatly improve your teeth whitening results.

Quick Stick (Stain Out). This is basically a whitening pen that you can easily use while you are on the go. It is very useful pen to use after you have foods or drinks that leave stains on your teeth. It can be effectively used together with swabs or after you finish complete whitening program and want to keep your results for longer time.

Tooth Gloss Toothpaste. This toothpaste was specifically designed to provide users of this kit with additional whitening effect. Ingredients in this toothpaste work efficiently to lift stains from your teeth, which will lead to cleaner looking teeth. The gel in this toothpaste is non-abrasive so you do not need to worry that it will damage your tooth enamel.

Official page >>www.powerswabs.com<<

What are the Main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros.

  • With Power Swabs you will not need use strays or strips. The usage of swabs is very simple and will take only 5 minutes of your time. That’s 4-5 times less than most other teeth bleaching products that are used at home.
  • According to manufacturer of this kit users can expect to make their teeth whiter by 2 shades after just the first use and after completing 7 days of bleaching your teeth will become whiter by up to 6 shades. It is worthwhile to mention that these estimated results are based on a clinical study that was done by the company;
  • Since this product is free from Hydrogen Peroxide it will not cause neither gum irritation nor sensitivity. The fact that it doesn’t cause side effects can be confirmed by many user testimonials online;
  • According to manufacturer of Power Swabs this products works effectively even to remove stains from dental restorations such as crowns, bonding, caps, veneers and others;

Main Cons.

  • Not the cheapest product available, but there are huge discounts on more advanced packages;
  • These Swabs shouldn’t be used by women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • At the moment Power Swabs are not available in local stores (Walmart, Walgreens and etc.) so you can only purchase them online.

What do consumer reviews say?

In general it can be said that Power Swabs Teeth Whitening products have mostly positive feedback from consumers. Most users notice improvement in their teeth color and also they point out that it is extremely easy to use and doesn’t cause side effects like most peroxide based whitening products. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Power Swabs bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Power Swabs,visit the official page here.

Instructions on how to use Power Swabs.


The usage of this product is very simple and most users give these swabs high rankings due to ease of use. The process of using Power Swabs can be broken into three main steps. In the first step you should pinch a tube where it has a dotted line. In the second step separate tubing from whitening swab by bending a stick carefully. And in the third step start rubbing your teeth with a swab and continue this action for at least 2 minutes. For the best possible results you should do rubbing in a circular motion.

Where to buy Power Swabs and what is the Price?

buy-Power-Swabs-Teeth-Whitening-kitIn case you want to try Power Swabs for teeth whitening you can buy this product on the official website online. These teeth whitening kits are also available at a few retailers like EBay or Amazon, but it is always best to buy directly from manufacturer if you want to get quality product and for the best price. Since there are a lot of Power Swabs kits available, the prices are also different for these products. For example you can buy Power Swabs Ultimate 1-month kit for a price of ~$60 and three month kit costs ~$100. So it can be said that Power Swabs have products available for people with different budgets and whitening needs.

Visit the official page of PowerSwabs.

You should also know that manufacturer of this whitening system offers international shipping so you can order Power Swabs kits if you live in Canada, UK, Australia and many other countries.