Does Hydrogen Peroxide work for Teeth Whitening.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

hydrogen-peroxide-work-teeth-bleachingHydrogen Peroxide together with Carbamide Peroxide is among the most commonly included bleaching agents in most teeth whitening products. It is combined of two atoms of oxygen and hydrogen; therefore it has a chemical formula – H2O2. Due to the fact that Hydrogen Peroxide is a strong oxidizer it is used for purposes like teeth and hair bleaching, acne treatment and sterilizing wounds (lower concentrations).

Does Hydrogen Peroxide work for Teeth Bleaching?

The main reason why bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide is able to remove stains is because it is able to get deeply into your enamel and reach molecules that are discolored. When this happens oxygen molecules that are found in hydrogen peroxide start to work and eliminate these discolored molecules. As a consequence your pearly whites will become both whiter and brighter. Due to all these facts it can be said that Hydrogen Peroxide definitely work to whiten teeth. Because of effectiveness of this bleaching agent, it is actually what most dentist use in their offices to whiten teeth of their patients.

The results that you can achieve with whitening product, which contains hydrogen peroxide, depends on various factors. One of these factors is whether stains on your teeth are severe or not. Quite logically, the more your teeth are stained the more visible results you will achieve from bleaching. The next factor is the concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide, which is present in the whitening product that you are using. Obviously the higher the concentration the faster and whiter your pearly whites will become. However this doesn’t mean that you should choose higher concentration products because it has higher risk of causing side effects such as sensitivity and irritation of gums. Due to this many people prefer to choose lower concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide and use it rather for longer period of time. For this same reason people who have more sensitive teeth tend to choose products that don’t include hydrogen peroxide. The next factor, which influences results of this whitening agent is how many applications you already have had and also the length of time hydrogen peroxide was in contact with your tooth.

Is it safe to use it for Teeth Whitening?

Even though Hydrogen Peroxide is considered as one of the most effective bleaching agents it is important to point out that there is a risk that it might cause side effects. The most common negative effect linked with this whitening agent is increased tooth sensitivity. However it is worthwhile to mention that this is only a temporary negative effect and will disappear within a couple of days. In case you have more sensitive teeth it might be a good idea to choose a product that contains lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which will greatly reduce the possibility of experiencing this negative effect. Also there are special toothpastes available, which are aimed at reducing sensitivity of your teeth. So before bleaching simply use this kind of toothpaste. The next possible side effect of using this teeth bleaching agent is irritation of gums and surrounding skin. When hydrogen peroxide gets into contact with gums for longer time it is possible that it might even cause burns of skin. For this reason it is very important to follow instructions provided with product that you are using. Applying bleaching gel correctly can ensure minimal contact with skin, which will help you to avoid negative effects. So to summarize these points it can be said that usage of hydrogen peroxide products is definitely safe if they are used according to instructions. However in case you have very sensitive teeth it might be a better idea to choose other bleaching agents or only use hydrogen peroxide in very low concentrations.