Tips on how to get whiter teeth.

There are quite a lot of tips that you can follow in order to make your teeth whiter naturally. It is not so difficult to implement them and most importantly you will not need to spend a lot of extra money on this.

foods-for-whiter-teethAdding a few foods to your diet can also make your teeth look whiter. Both yoghurt and milk contains minerals such as phosphorus and calcium, which promotes healthier teeth enamel. It is crutial to maintain enamel in “good condition”, since when it is stained it can negatively affect the color of your teeth. Although quite surprisingly, but recent studies showed that cheese is also quite beneficial for enamel and can help to avoid tooth decay. So it might be worthwhile to eat a few slices of cheese after your main meals. The other very beneficial food for whitening teeth is strawberries. They contain malic acid as well as Vitamin C; therefore they are extremely effective for making your teeth whiter. To make the most out of strawberries you can make a paste out of it and rub it to your teeth or at least when you eat them try to chew properly and for longer time. One more food to mention that is proven to work well for teeth whitening is raisins. When you eat raisins they tend to boost the production of saliva; therefore it can reduce build up and plague on teeth. Last but not least, you have probably heard a saying that “an apple a day keeps a doctor & dentist away”. The main reason why apples are useful for teeth is because they contain malic acid. The same component is also found in strawberries, so as it was mentioned before this element can help to eliminate stains; therefore can work well as a teeth whitener.

gum-with-xylitol-for-whiter-teethChewing a gum can also help to keep your teeth whiter. However it is important to point out that a gum should contain xylitol and should be free from sugar. Unlike sugar, xylitol is a natural sweetener and doesn’t allow for plague to feed on it. Also xylitol can help to boost saliva production and keep pH levels in your mouth normal.

The other good tip to follow for whiter teeth is rinsing with water after your meals. This easy trick will help you avoiding decay and stain. It is very useful tip to follow especially in cases when you are not at home and can’t properly brush your teeth with toothpaste.

Eating crunchy foods is another good way to make your teeth healthy and whiter. This is because these types of foods are able to diminish chemicals and sugars from your teeth, which quite commonly causes cavities and strains. Some good examples of foods that are considered crunchy are carrots, broccoli and cucumbers.

tips-for-whiter-teeth-use-strawAs you probably already know one of the biggest “enemy” of healthy enamel is wine, coffee, tea and soda. In case you can’t live without these drinks a good way to reduce the damage of these beverages is to use a straw while you drink them. Using a straw can greatly minimize a direct exposure of these drinks to your teeth and as a result it will not damage enamel of your teeth. Additionally bad habits like smoking can negatively affect the color of your teeth so it is best to avoid it if you want to have whiter teeth.

Quite a lot of people aren’t aware of how important flossing is. They tend to assume that brushing their teeth on a daily bases is enough to keep their teeth healthy and white. However quite a lot of dentist recognize that flossing is as important as brushing your teeth. This is because flossing a few times during a day can help to diminish staining between your teeth, which in turn will make your teeth look whiter.

In case you want whiter teeth you should also consider choosing toothpaste that is aimed at whitening teeth. These types of toothpastes can help to remove stains more efficiently so that it wouldn’t discolor your enamel. Usually they cost a little bit more than usual toothpastes, but it is definitely worth to spend more if you want a whiter smile.

In case you are still using a standard toothbrush it might be a good idea to consider either an ultrasonic or electric toothbrush if you want whiter teeth. These types of toothbrushes work better on removing stains from coffee, wine and food; therefore they can help you regain natural color of your teeth more efficiently.

There is also a certain way that you should brush your teeth. The problem is that quite a lot of people still tend to brush their teeth in a back and forth motion, which doesn’t allow to properly remove plague. The best way to do it is to keep your brush at about 45 degree angle towards gums and then move it in circular.