Go Smile review.

What you should know about Go Smile.


Go Smile offers a unique whitening system for people who don’t want to use strips or trays. It uses ampoules with the build in applicator, which allows applying whitening serum on your teeth within just a couple minutes per day. The system contains 20 ampoules and is designed to be used for 7 days, one time in the morning and evening. According to Go Smile users can notice results even after the first application and after a week of usage they can expect to whiten their teeth by ~7 shades.

What are The Main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros:

  • Go Smile offers whitening products for people with different whitening needs and teeth & gum sensitivity;
  • The main whitening agent in this product is Hydrogen Peroxide, which is one of the most common ingredients in whitening kits due to its effectiveness;
  • The package comes with extra 6 ampoules that you can use on teeth that are more stained;
  • According to manufacturer users can expect to make their teeth whiter by 7-10 shades within 7 days;
  • Great alternative whitening system for people who do not like to use trays or strips;
  • Easy to use and applying a product on the teeth will only take a couple of minutes per day;
  • Can be also used on the go.

Main Cons:

  • Quite expensive whitening product (price ranges from $36 – $86);
  • While this system seems to work for most people there are also a few negative reviews complaining that they didn’t get significant results.

What do consumer reviews say?

The reviews of Go Smile Whitening system that you can find online are quite positive. Even though there are definitely more positive reviews it is important to point out that there are also some user testimonials claiming that this system didn’t make their teeth whiter. However it is a normal thing for any teeth whitening product. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Go Smile bellow.

Review #1: Love this OTC brand of whitening…it definitely whitens and what I love most is that the ingredients are safe for those of us with sensitive teeth…

Review #2: This worked pretty well, much better than strips or trays, but it was real expensive.

For more reviews of Go Smile visit Amazon page here.

Directions on how to use it.


This whitening system is designed to be used for 7 or 12 days, one time in the morning and one time in the evening. Before applying Go Smile you need to both brush and floss your teeth. The process of using Go Smile ampules is quite simple and most importantly doesn’t take much time. In the first step you should take one ampoule from the package and reinsert it with an applicator tip while it is pointed outwards. In the second step squeeze the ampoule so that applicator tip would become saturated with a serum (pointing down). And in the last step apply it on your teeth’s surface until ampoule becomes completely empty. It is also worthwhile to mention that you should spend a little more time on teeth that are more discolored so that your smile would become equally white.

After applying the whole ampule on your teeth it is also important to avoid drinking or eating for at least twenty minutes so that the serum would be able to work more efficiently. The longer the serum will stay on your teeth the better whitening results you can expect.

Before and After results of Go Smile.


Where to buy Go Smile Whitening System and what is the Price?

This whitening system is available for purchase on the official website or on Amazon. Since the prices are usually a bit lower on the Amazon we recommend buying it from there. The price of Go Smile depends on whether you will choose 7 or 12 days whitening system. At the moment 7 days kit price range from $36 to $53.

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