Power Swabs Teeth Whitening review.

What you should know about Power Swabs.

Power-SwabsPower Swabs is an inovative new teeth whitening product designed for people who do not like to use mouth trays or strips. It uses swabs that are filled with solvents, detergents and other ingredients that work in combination to clean and whiten your teeth. It is important to mention that these detergents and solvents are completely safe when used orally.

One of the biggest benefits of Power Swabs is that it requires only 5 minutes of your time to use them daily. According to manufacturer of this product users will not experience increased sensitivity or irritation, because bleaching agent in the gel hydrates the tooth during the whitening process. Also it is worthwhile to mention that you can expect to notice results just after the first usage. According to manufacturer of this product completing 7 days of whitening with these swabs should make your teeth whiter by up to 6 shades.

What is included in this Kit?

Since Power Swabs offer different whitening products for its users, components in these kits might be different. Depending on your current teeth condition and how much whitening you need you can choose 7 days kit or even a kit that is aimed to be used for 1 or 3 months. It is also worthwhile to mention that depending on your budget you can buy each of the components in the kits separately. Bellow you can find a short description of components included in Power Swabs Ultimate 1-Month Kit and how they work.Power-Swabs-Teeth-Whitening-kit

7 Stain-Out Swabs. This is the main component in this kit and it works efficiently eliminate stains that are found on the outside of your teeth and deep within enamel. All this effect is achieved by solvents and detergents that are found in the swabs.

7 White Swabs Ultra. It is a great additional product to increase effects of Stain-Out Swabs. These Swabs are made with extra strength formula that can greatly improve your teeth whitening results.

Quick Stick (Stain Out). This is basically a whitening pen that you can easily use while you are on the go. It is very useful pen to use after you have foods or drinks that leave stains on your teeth. It can be effectively used together with swabs or after you finish complete whitening program and want to keep your results for longer time.

Tooth Gloss Toothpaste. This toothpaste was specifically designed to provide users of this kit with additional whitening effect. Ingredients in this toothpaste work efficiently to lift stains from your teeth, which will lead to cleaner looking teeth. The gel in this toothpaste is non-abrasive so you do not need to worry that it will damage your tooth enamel.

Official page >>www.powerswabs.com<<

What are the Main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros.

  • With Power Swabs you will not need use strays or strips. The usage of swabs is very simple and will take only 5 minutes of your time. That’s 4-5 times less than most other teeth bleaching products that are used at home.
  • According to manufacturer of this kit users can expect to make their teeth whiter by 2 shades after just the first use and after completing 7 days of bleaching your teeth will become whiter by up to 6 shades. It is worthwhile to mention that these estimated results are based on a clinical study that was done by the company;
  • Since this product is free from Hydrogen Peroxide it will not cause neither gum irritation nor sensitivity. The fact that it doesn’t cause side effects can be confirmed by many user testimonials online;
  • According to manufacturer of Power Swabs this products works effectively even to remove stains from dental restorations such as crowns, bonding, caps, veneers and others;

Main Cons.

  • Not the cheapest product available, but there are huge discounts on more advanced packages;
  • These Swabs shouldn’t be used by women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • At the moment Power Swabs are not available in local stores (Walmart, Walgreens and etc.) so you can only purchase them online.

What do consumer reviews say?

In general it can be said that Power Swabs Teeth Whitening products have mostly positive feedback from consumers. Most users notice improvement in their teeth color and also they point out that it is extremely easy to use and doesn’t cause side effects like most peroxide based whitening products. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Power Swabs bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Power Swabs,visit the official page here.

Instructions on how to use Power Swabs.


The usage of this product is very simple and most users give these swabs high rankings due to ease of use. The process of using Power Swabs can be broken into three main steps. In the first step you should pinch a tube where it has a dotted line. In the second step separate tubing from whitening swab by bending a stick carefully. And in the third step start rubbing your teeth with a swab and continue this action for at least 2 minutes. For the best possible results you should do rubbing in a circular motion.

Where to buy Power Swabs and what is the Price?

buy-Power-Swabs-Teeth-Whitening-kitIn case you want to try Power Swabs for teeth whitening you can buy this product on the official website online. These teeth whitening kits are also available at a few retailers like EBay or Amazon, but it is always best to buy directly from manufacturer if you want to get quality product and for the best price. Since there are a lot of Power Swabs kits available, the prices are also different for these products. For example you can buy Power Swabs Ultimate 1-month kit for a price of ~$60 and three month kit costs ~$100. So it can be said that Power Swabs have products available for people with different budgets and whitening needs.

Visit the official page of PowerSwabs.

You should also know that manufacturer of this whitening system offers international shipping so you can order Power Swabs kits if you live in Canada, UK, Australia and many other countries.

Whiter Smile Labs review.

What you should know about Whiter Smile Labs?


Whiter Smile Labs offers high quality kit for people who want to whiten teeth at the comfort of their home. A kit consists of custom made mouth tray, which is very convenient to use and a gel that has little to no sensitivity to your tooth. The main whitening agent in the gel is Carbamide Peroxide (38%), which is both safe and effective for teeth whitening. All of the components in the kit are made in the USA, FDA approved lab so you do not need to worry about quality of this product. Using this kit as directed you can expect to make your teeth whiter by 7 or even 10 shades within just a week time.

What is included in the kit?

  • High intensity whitening gel, which will be enough to use for two full cycles (7 days);
  • 2 custom made mouth trays;
  • A storage box where you can keep your trays while they are not being used;
  • 2 impression materials (one extra if you will not make it right in the first try);
  • Pre-paid envelope so you can send your impressions back to the lab;


What are the main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros:

  • According to manufacturer you can make your teeth whiter by up 10 ten shades within 7 days of using this kit;
  • Whiter Smile Labs will provide you with 2 custom made mouth trays that will fit in your mouth just perfectly;
  • The main whitening agent found in the gel is Carbamide Peroxide (38%), which is the same what your dentists use so you can expect similar results for much lower price;
  • The whitening gel of this kit will cause you neither gum irritation nor teeth sensitivity;
  • Everything is made in FDA approved lab in USA, so you can be sure you will get high quality products;
  • Comes with money back guarantee and also free shipping on orders higher than $25;

Main Cons:

  • If you are buying a complete kit of Whiter Smile Labs it can be said that it is quite expensive (~$90), but the quality of this kit is definitely worth some extra money;
  • It takes some additional time to receive custom made trays, so you will need to wait a few extra days before you can start whitening your teeth.

What do consumer reviews say?

The reviews of Whiter Smile Labs kit that you can find online are very positive. Many people are very happy about custom made trays and also whitening results they manage to achieve within a short time. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Whiter Smile Labs kit bellow.

Review #1: The trays fit perfectly and arrived in a timely manner. I tried the whitening gel for 2 days and I could see quite a difference.

Review #2: I love the trays, they fit great. The gel seems pretty good as well so overall a great deal for your money.

Want to read more reviews of Whiter Smile Labs kit? Then visit Amazon page here.

Before and after results.


Where to buy Whiter Smile Labs kit and what is the price?

This kit is available for purchase either on the official website or on popular online websites like Amazon. At the moment the price of a complete Whiter Smile Labs kit is ~$90. In case you already have mouth trays there is also an option to buy whitening gels separately and save some money.

Find Whiter Smile Labs kit on Amazon.

Should you try Whiter Smile Labs kit?

If you are looking for a professional teeth whitening product that would provide similar results as your dentist does this kit is definitely worth consideration. It is true that it is a bit more expensive than compared to other kits, but also the quality and also the fact that you will get custom made mouth trays from a lab is definitely worth some extra money. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a kit that includes trays that don’t fit properly in your mouth.

When you will first get this kit shipped to you, you will need to make impressions of your teeth and send them back to Whiter Smile Labs. Then the lab will start making you custom trays and send it back to you within just a couple of days. This whole process will not cost you any additional money since there will be a pre-paid envelope already included in the kit. The only negative thing is that it will take some extra time to receive your custom made trays. To make this whole process as short as possible you should send your impressions as soon as you get a kit delivered to you.

Alta White review.

What is Alta White and how does it work?


Alta White is quite good rated home teeth whitening product that is designed to work in a two-step process. This kit acts by releasing free oxygen, which in turn lifts and oxidizes stains so that they can be easier to clean. So if you have hard to remove stains from coffee, smoking and etc. Alta White can help you remove them within just six days and make your teeth significantly whiter. The whole package is designed to be used for 6 days and 4 times per day; therefore you can find a powder and 24 applicators included. A powder consists of two active ingredients – Magnesium and Aluminum Thihydroxide that can help to get rid of stains easier and improve the color of your teeth. Find a full list of ingredients in Alta White and how they work bellow.

What ingredients are included?

  • Aluminum Trihydroxide. This ingredient is included for its ability to work effectively for polishing teeth.
  • Magnesium works as a whitening agent; therefore it is can help to whiten your teeth. Best of all that it doesn’t do any damage to your enamel.
  • Glycerin. This component can enchase whitening results by allowing other ingredients to be delivered deeper into enamel.
  • Peppermint Flavor is included in order to provide better taste of the product. Due to this can also enjoy fresher breath after using this kit.
  • Other ingredients: Water, FD&C Blue, Methylparaben and Propylparaben.

What are The Main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros:

  • With Alta White system you don’t need to use neither trays nor strips, which is a lot more convenient;
  • The process of applying Alta White on your teeth only takes a couple of minutes per day and results will be visible within just 6 days;
  • In addition to whitening Alta White can also help to polish your teeth and eliminate plague;
  • Alta White is quite reasonably priced compared with other similar kits and there are also huge savings available when buying multiple packages.
  • This teeth whitening system is free from Hydrogen Peroxide, which means that there is less chance that it will cause irritation or sensitiveness;

Main Cons:

  • Since Alta White doesn’t include Hydrogen Peroxide in formulation user of this kit might need more time to see significant whitening results;
  • The official website of Alta White is very “Marketing” based and doesn’t provide all the neccessary information about this kit; however this does not mean that this product doesn’t work;
  • 90 days money back guarantee only applies to unused products, but it is still useful if you order more than one month supply;
  • At the moment Alta White is not available in local stores (Walgreens, Walmart and etc.) so you can only order this product online.

Are there any Side Effects or Warnings?

All the ingredients included in Alta White are natural and you shouldn’t notice any side effects while using it. Also since it includes neither Hydrogen Peroxide nor Sodium Hydroxide there less chance that you might experience sensitiveness or any discomfort white using this kit. However in case you have any burns or wounds in your mouth you should avoid using this product since it might cause swelling, discomfort and additional irritation. Also the usage of this product is not adviced for both nursing and pregnant women.

Directions on how to use this kit.


When you will open the package of Alta White you will find a jar with whitening powder and 24 applicators. Before using a product you should brush your teeth to make sure they are clean. In the first step you should snap the swab tip and make sure that the applicator contains enough liquid in it. In the next step put the wet applicator swab into the whitening powder. And in the last step apply it on your upper and then lower teeth until it covers all the visible surfaces equally. After that you can toothbrush your teeth using water. So as you can see the process is quite simple and doesn’t take much time.

Where to buy Alta White and what is the Price?

Alta White teeth whitening product can be only bought on the official website online. You should also know that there are huge discounts available for multiple month supply when buying directly from manufacturer. So it is definitely worthwhile to consider buying more packages of Alta White. Bellow you can find a list of available offers of this teeth whitening product.buy-alta-white

  • 1 month supply – $39.95;
  • 2 month supply plus one package for free – $79.95 (~$40 discount);
  • 3 month supply plus three packages for free – $119.95 (~$120 discount).

Visit official page of Alta White here.

Since Alta White offers international shipping this teeth whitening kit can be bought in countries like USA, Europe, Australia, UK, Canada, Singapore and many other countries.

Zero Peroxide review.

What is Zero Peroxide?


As the name itself suggests Zero Peroxide teeth whitening kit doesn’t include peroxide in its formulation. Since it is peroxide free product is it safe to use and it cause neither irritation nor sensitivity like some other kits. Additionally to whitening your teeth this kit can also be beneficial for the general health of your gums and teeth too. So as a result you will not need to go to your dentist so often and would be able to enjoy healthy smile for much longer time.

What is included in this kit?

Zero Peroxide offers two different kits for its users – basic and more advance. Basic kit consists of three different components, which are whitening gel pen, luxury mouth tray and one 10 ml gel. More advance kit comes with 7 components, which include led accelerator, two 10 ml gels, luxury mouth tray, travel bag, mouth tray holder, whitening gel pen and tooth shade guide. All these components can be also bought separately depending on your preferences and budget.

Led accelerator. This led light tray included in the kit can help you speed up and most importantly enchase the results you get from Zero Peroxide by even up to 50%.

Whitening gel pen. Both of the kits offered by Zero Peroxide come with a pocket size gel pen. This will allow you to whiten your teeth even when you are on the go. Since it is small in size it can be easily carried in any handbag.

Tooth shade guide. This guide is quite useful additional tool, which will allow you track the progress of your teeth whitening easier.

Luxury mouth tray. This kit comes with a mouth tray that is made of very soft silicone, which is far easier and convenient to use.

Mouth tray holder will ensure safer storage and prevent germs and bacteria from getting on your mouth tray.

What ingredients are included in formulation?

  • Sodium bicarbonate (35%). This is the main ingredient that is included in this teeth whitening product. It is quite commonly added in various mouthwash and toothpaste products since it has strong whitening features. However in Zero Peroxide it is included in a far higher potency so it works more effectively to whiten your teeth. In addition to whitening effect it can help to eliminate marks and strains from your teeth.

  • Sodium fluoride is included in order to strengthen enamel of your teeth, which in turn greatly reduces the chances of getting decay. According to various researches sodium fluoride can help to prevent decay by even 40%-60%.

  • Aloe Vera is a great ingredient for promoting oral health. In addition to aiding to the whitening process it can also help to minimize mouth ulcers as well as improve the health of gums & teeth.

  • Pomegranate works by eliminating plague from your teeth so other components in Zero Peroxide would be able to work faster and more efficiently on whitening your teeth.

  • Chamomile. This ingredient is effective in preventing infections and killing various kinds of bacteria. Due to this you will be able to avoid mouth ulcers, which quite commonly gets in the way of teeth whitening.

  • Natural Flavors. In order to avoid bad taste of the gel, Zero Peroxide is flavored with a minty taste. This ensures that a gel is in a far better taste so it is easier to use it on a daily bases.

What are the main Pros and Cons of this Teeth Whitening kit?

Main Pros:

  • One of the safest teeth whitening kits available, since it doesn’t contain any chemicals or peroxide;
  • Doesn’t cause sensitiveness or irritation;
  • Doesn’t require you to spend much time daily, only 20 minutes per day;
  • The amount of gel provided in the kit can be enough for ~30-40 treatments, which is enough to notice a significant improvement in your teeth;
  • Additional ingredients in the gel can also reduce plague and chances of having decay;
  • The kit comes with a led lite, which can greatly enchase whitening results;
  • Since it doesn’t expire for a long time, you can use it for up to 2 year time;
  • This product comes with money back guarantee (30 days).

Main Cons:

  • Since it is peroxide and chemicals free kit it might not work as fast as other product, but if you prefer safety it is definitely a good choice product.
  • It can be said that it is one of the most expensive kits; however all of the components included in the kit are definitely worth a price. In case you don’t have a huge budget for teeth whitening you can also choose a basic kit or separate components in it, which will greatly reduce the price.

Zero Peroxide before and after photos.




How to use Zero Peroxide?

The process of using this teeth whitening kit is quite simple. In the first step you should add a small amount of gel in both bottom and top parts of your mouth tray and put it in your mouth. In the second step switch the led accelerator on and add it on the mouth tray. For the best results leave it for up to 30 minutes time. After that take out the tray, clean it and put it back to the holder. This should be repeated two times per day. Also it is important to wash your hands with cleaning soap before and after using this kit.

Where to buy it?

buy-zero-peroxideYou can buy Zero Peroxide kit only directly from the manufacturer website online. Depending on your location and the package you will choose you might be also eligible for free shipping. The price of this teeth whitening product depends on which kit you will decide to choose. Since there are two different kits available it is affordable whitening system for everyone who wants whiter teeth.

Visit official Zero Peroxide page here.

Mint Cosmetics review.

What is Mint Cosmetics?


Mint Cosmetics is one of the most professional teeth whitening products that can be used at the comfort of your home. This product uses Sodium Perborate (Na BO3) as the main whitening agent, which is safe and most importantly effective ingredient for teeth whitening. There are also additional components in the formula that enables Na BO3 to become activated oxygen. When this happens stains can be easily be removed and your teeth will be significantly brighter and whiter.

What is included in the kit?

Mint Cosmetics offers two kits for it users. The first one is a bit cheaper and consists of 2 whitening gels, 2 moulds (easy to customize), applicator tip, mould container and a manual (DVD). The other kit is a bit more advanced and consists of 4 gels (enough for 50 times), 3 moulds, whitening pen, applicator tip and mould holder. In addition to that there is an option to buy a whitening pen and gel re-fills separately.

  • Teeth whitening pen. This is a great additional component in the kit that can help to enchase results of the gel and also it might be a great alternative for people who don’t like using moulds. A pen is designed to be used for 15-20 applications and is very convenient to use when you are not at home since it is entirely leak free. The is also an option to buy this pen without a kit in case you prefer this type of teeth whitening more.
  • Whitening gel. 2 gels included in Mint Cosmetics can be enough to used for approximately 25 times. So by applying it on your teeth two times per day it would be enough to use for 14 days.
  • Moulds. One of the biggest benefits of this kit is that it uses customized moulds. What it means is that it will adapt to your shape of mount and fit perfectly. And even though you might be not successful at making perfect shape on the first time, there are additional moulds included. This is a huge advantage since quite a lot of kits use standard moulds, which sometimes makes it very inconvenient to properly whiten your teeth.
  • Mould holder. This component is included in order to make sure that no bacteria can get on your mould.
  • Applicator Tip will ensure more effective teeth whitening procedure. Using this applicator you will be able to apply gel on the moulded tray in a thin line.
  • Teeth Shade Guide will allow you to measure how the color of your teeth improved after you started using Mint Cosmetics kit.
  • Manual (DVD). This guide will provide you with information on what foods to eat and not during in order to enchase your teeth whitening results. In addition to that there is information on how to use the kit, how to make a mould and etc.

What are the main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros:

  • More safer teeth whitening kit, since it don’t include Hydrogen Peroxide in the formulation;
  • Uses easy to customize mouth guards, which makes it more convenient to apply the get on your teeth;
  • The procedure of whitening your teeth only requires 30 minutes of your time;
  • According to manufacturer of this product it can help to get your teeth lighter by 8 shades in just two week time and also results are long term (up to 2 years);
  • It comes with a video based manual, which will explain you in detail how to use this kit and provide you with some additional tips on teeth whitening.
  • Mint Cosmetics products comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

Main Cons:

  • The price of this kit is a bit more expensive compared to other products reviewed in this website; however it is also one of the most professional kits, so it is definitely worth the price;

Before and after pictures of Mint Cosmetics.




Where to buy Mint Cosmetics kit and what is the Price?

You can buy Mint Cosmetics kit at the official website online. It is a UK based company; however shipping is available worldwide. So you can buy this kit if you live in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany and many other countries. Also it is important to mention that shipping is free to all countries if you choose any of their offered kits. The price of Mint Cosmetics product will depend on the kit you will decide to choose. At the moment there are offers available for two different kits.

  • Economy kit -€41.91;
  • Advanced kit – €53.89;
  • Additional re-fill gel – €23.89;
  • Teeth Whitening pen – €23.89.

Visit official Mint Cosmetics page.

Coupon Code.

In case you will decide to buy this kit currently there is also a discount available. You can use a coupon codeMN1” white buying, which will allow you to save additional 10% from the purchase price.

Idol White review.

What is Idol White?

idol-whiteIdol White is a pen that can be used to whiten your teeth anywhere you go. The reason why it is one of the most popular teeth whitening pens is because it is endorsed by celebrities such as Kardashians. Also this pen was developed more than ten years ago, so it is already tested by many people and proven to work quite efficiently. This teeth whitening pen is a great alternative for people who don’t want to spend hours using more complicated kits that are more difficult to apply. Since it comes in a form of pen it easy to carry it in your bag or pocket and use it even when you are not in your home.

What ingredients are included in Idol White Pen?

  • Idol-white-teeth-whitening-penGlycerin can help to deliver other components in this pen deeper into enamel, which will ensure better whitening results.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the most commonly used ingredients for teeth whitening. The reason why it is effective is because it works as a bleaching agent and can help to oxidize strains.
  • Sodium Hydroxide is an effective teeth whitening ingredient that can also aid in speeding up delivery of other components.
  • Carbomer is also an effective teeth whitening agent and can help to enchase the color of your teeth.
  • Peppermint oil. This ingredient was included in formulation to improve the taste of the gel. Due to this your breath will fresher after using this pen.
  • Sodium Saccharin is added in order to improve taste of Idol White. Since this component doesn’t contain sugar it will not damage your teeth in any way.
  • Edta works by eliminated various toxins from your teeth, so that whitening process would be more efficient.
  • Other ingredients: water.

What are the main cons and pros?

Main Pros:

  • The product only takes half a minute to apply (2 times per day) and significant improvement can be seen with one or two weeks of usage;
  • Since the gel in the pen dries very quickly (30 seconds) it will allow you to avoid contact with your lips and gums;
  • Not only whitens your teeth, but also cleans them so you might not need to visit your dentist so often;
  • There are a few additional ingredient in the pen that can also make your breath fresher;
  • Comes with money back guarantee (90 days) for unused pens;

Main Cons:

  • In case a gel comes into contact with gums it might cause irritation and sensitivity for some people;
  • Quite expensive teeth whitening product considering there is only a pen included; however the price can be reduced significantly by buying multiple month supply;
  • In case you need to whiten all your teeth and not only a few spots it might be a better idea to choose a more advanced kit.

Are there any side effects?

Idol White and the ingredients included in this pen don’t cause severe side effects and are safe if used according to directions. However just like with any teeth whitening product Idol White Pen is not recommended to be used by pregnant and nursing women. Also if you have any additional issues with gums or teeth it might be safer to consult your doctor before using this pen. Furthermore you should check the list of ingredients included in the formulation and make sure you do not have sensitivity or allergies to these components. In case you do you should consider other teeth whitening product.

What do other people reviews say?

Since Idol White is quite a popular teeth whitening pen that was developed many years ago you can find plenty of consumer reviews online. Most of these testimonials confirm that they noticed improvement in their teeth color; however just like with any product there are also some negative reviews too. Read a few reviews of Idol White actual users bellow.

Review #1: …I apply it once when I awake & before bed…sometimes before tanning. These pens are very simple to apply & I always see immediate results. I highly recommend!

Review #2: I just wanted to thank you so much for your amazing teeth whitening product. Most products I have taken in the past usually only work for a few days. I tried your product a few months ago and my teeth are still white and they haven’t lost their brightness.

Want to read more reviews of Idol White? Then visit the official page here.

How to use this pen?

Before using this pen it is important to make sure that your teeth are clean so that the gel can work more efficiently while applied on your teeth. For this reason you should always brush your teeth prior to using Idol White pen. In the next step a pen should be twisted in order to dispense the gel. And in the last step simply apply the gel on your teeth using a pen.

buy-idol-white-pensWhere to buy Idol White Pen?

You can buy Idol whitening pen at the official website online. When you buy directly from manufacturer there are huge discounts available for multiple month supply, so it might be worth to consider buying more than one pen. Also this pen comes with 90 days money back guarantee, so you can return unused items if it doesn’t work for you.

  • 1 month supply – $39.95;
  • 3 month supply – $79.95 (save ~$40);
  • 6 month supply – $119.95 (save ~ $120).

Visit official Idol White page.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips review.

What is Crest 3D White Whitestrips?

Crest-3D-White-WhitestripsIn case you are not a big fan of teeth whitening kits that uses trays a good alternative for you might be teeth whitening strips. Crest 3D White strips are one of the most popular and best rated kits that use strips to whiten your smile. The strips are flexible and thin so they are able to adapt to your shape of your teeth perfectly. The reason they work well on teeth whitening is because the strips are filled with a gel that contains some of the most effective whitening agents. Crest 3D White strips are designed to be used for up to 20 days. The strips should be put on your teeth for 30 minutes daily. According to manufacturer of this product first whitening results can be seen in as little as three days and more visible results after you use it for 20 days. The strips use a technology that doesn’t allow them to slip from your teeth. So it is very convenient to use and you will be able to do other activities while having them on your teeth.

What ingredients are included?

  • Hydrogen Peroxide works as one of the main whitening agents.
  • Sodium Hydroxide is another effective teeth whitening agent. It can help to remove toxins from your teeth as well as speed up whitening process.
  • Sodium Saccharin provides better taste of the gel. It is doesn’t contain any sugar so you do not need to worry that it might damage your teeth.
  • PEG-8 makes a gel on the strips thicker and stickier.
  • Other ingredients: water, PVP, Acrylates Copolymer.

What are the main Pros and Cons?

Main pros:

  • Many costumer testimonials report great results with this teeth whitening product;
  • Can effectively remove stains that formed within 14 year time;
  • Doesn’t require much time since you will only need to keep strips on your teeth for half hour daily;
  • The whitening strips are easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is put both strips in line with your gums;
  • The strips are designed so that you would be even able to talk and drink water while having them on your teeth;
  • The ingredients that are included in formulation are the same as used in your dentist office, so it is both safe for enamel and effective for teeth whitening;
  • Very affordable teeth whitening solution and the price range from $36-$50, depending on the current discount.

Main Cons:

  • Should be only used by individuals who are at least 18 years old;
  • Some people report on increased sensitivity after usage of this product.

Are there any side effects or warnings?

According to manufacturer of Crest 3D White the ingredients that are included in formulation are safe for your teeth and don’t damage enamel. While in general these strips comes with no severe side effects, a small number of people report increased sensitivity or pain after using these strips. However these side effects are not dangerous and usually only last in short term. In case you have more sensitive teeth it might be a good idea to choose Crest 3D White strips with lower whitening power. This is possible because manufacturer of this kit offers different versions of whitening strips.

What do other people reviews say?

Crest 3D White Strips is a very popular product for teeth whitening, so there are many reviews online that confirm its effectiveness. Read a few reviews of actual users of these whitening strips bellow.

Review #1: My teeth were visually whiter after using the very first strip. I have now used 15 of the twenty strips and I am very pleased…

Review #2: After just 3 days of using the strips, I noticed a dramatic difference in the color of my coffee-stained teeth! After 10 days, my teeth were glowing white – not so white that you’d think they were fake, just a nice, healthy white smile!

Want to read more reviews of Crest 3D strips? Then visit Amazon page here.

How to use it?

To use Crest 3D Whitestrips you will need to follow three simple steps. In the first step you should peel strips from the backing. In the next step align a strip to your gum line and press it so that it would in a contact with your teeth. After 30 minutes of wearing strips remove them from your teeth and throw it away. It is also important to mention that you should wash your hands with soap after you touch strips to avoid irritation on other parts of your body.

What is the price of Crest 3D Whitestrips and where to buy it?


The price of Crest 3D White Whitestrips depends on what version you choose to buy. At the moment the price of most popular package ranges from $36 to $48. It is available to buy these whitening strips at popular online stores like Amazon, Walgreens, Target and many others.

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Luster Premium White review.

What you should know about Luster Premium White?

Luster Premium White offers quite a unique product for teeth whitening. This whitening system allows users to whiten their teeth without using messy strips or trays and in a much shorter time. The whole system is designed to be used for up to 1 hour, but you can also use it on separate days in shorter lengths of time. The other uniqueness of this system is that it uses blue light, which enables ingredients in the gel to be activated and start working on whitening your teeth.

What is included in this whitening system?

Luster-Premium-White-1-hour-systemThis whitening product includes three main components. The first one is whitening light, which works by activating ingredients in the gel so that you could get better whitening results. Also there are 4 AAA batteries included so that you would be able to use this light for many times. The second component in this kit is mouth rinse (235 ml), which is used to prepare your teeth before applying gel. The main ingredient in this mouth rinse is Sodium Bicarbonate, which helps to eliminate stains and plague from your teeth. The third component in this whitening system is whitening gel, which uses Urea Hydrogen Peroxide as the main whitening agent. There is a total of 10 ml of gel included, which according to manufacturer is enough to make your teeth whiter by up to 6 shades. In addition to that you will also find a shade guide included in the package, which will help you measure your results. The other additional component in the kit is instruction guide, which will direct you step by step on how to use Luster Premium White system for the best possible results.

What are the main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros:

  • The manufacturer of this product claims that using this whitening system can make your teeth whiter by up to 6 shades (clinically proven);
  • Similar whitening light system is used at your dentist office, so your can achieve similar results at a comfort of your home;
  • According to manufacturer and user testimonials Luster Premium doesn’t cause sensitivity nor irritation and it is safe for teeth enamel;
  • The whole process of whitening your teeth with Luster Premium will only take you 1 hour of time (the same day or on separate days), while other similar kits requires you to spend a total of 3-5 hours;
  • The main whitening agent in this system is Urea Hydrogen Peroxide and mouth rinse uses Sodium Bicarbonate, which helps to remove plague and stains from teeth.

Main Cons:

  • While this system seems to work very well for some users in terms of whitening and little sensitiveness others complain that they didn’t notice any improvement in their teeth.

What do consumer reviews say?

It can be said that consumer reviews of Luster Premium White that you can find online are positive. Most users confirm that it helped to make their teeth whiter and most importantly without any sensitivity. However there are also some negative reviews saying that this system didn’t work at all. Read a few actual consumer reviews of this whitening system below.

Review #1: Very expensive and refills are also expensive however it does whiten your teeth like you’ve never seen before. If you can afford it, buy/try it.

Review #2: This does work as well as any other whitener on the market…This product does not cause the irritation and you can do a full treatment in one session versus spending days using the trays.

For more reviews of Luster Premium White visit Amazon page here.

Instructions on how to use it.

The whole process of using Luster Premium White can be divided into three simple steps. In the first step you should use Accelerator Mouth Rinse in order to get your teeth ready for whitening process. In the next step apply whitener gel using a brush. And in the last step turn on the light and hold it over your teeth. After a couple of minutes the light will turn off itself, which means that ingredients in the gel were activated. These three steps should be repeated until you start noticing improvement (for up to 1 hour). It is also worthwhile to mention that you should try to avoid staring at the light throughout the whole process.

Where to buy Luster Premium White and what is the price?

buy-luster-premium-whiteYou can buy this teeth whitening system on popular online websites like Amazon, EBay, Walgreens, Walmart and many others. Since there is usually only a small differences in prices you can choose to buy from your usual buying place. The price of Luster Premium White system ranges from $30-$40 on Amazon so it can be said that it is quite affordable product for most users.

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Go Smile review.

What you should know about Go Smile.


Go Smile offers a unique whitening system for people who don’t want to use strips or trays. It uses ampoules with the build in applicator, which allows applying whitening serum on your teeth within just a couple minutes per day. The system contains 20 ampoules and is designed to be used for 7 days, one time in the morning and evening. According to Go Smile users can notice results even after the first application and after a week of usage they can expect to whiten their teeth by ~7 shades.

What are The Main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros:

  • Go Smile offers whitening products for people with different whitening needs and teeth & gum sensitivity;
  • The main whitening agent in this product is Hydrogen Peroxide, which is one of the most common ingredients in whitening kits due to its effectiveness;
  • The package comes with extra 6 ampoules that you can use on teeth that are more stained;
  • According to manufacturer users can expect to make their teeth whiter by 7-10 shades within 7 days;
  • Great alternative whitening system for people who do not like to use trays or strips;
  • Easy to use and applying a product on the teeth will only take a couple of minutes per day;
  • Can be also used on the go.

Main Cons:

  • Quite expensive whitening product (price ranges from $36 – $86);
  • While this system seems to work for most people there are also a few negative reviews complaining that they didn’t get significant results.

What do consumer reviews say?

The reviews of Go Smile Whitening system that you can find online are quite positive. Even though there are definitely more positive reviews it is important to point out that there are also some user testimonials claiming that this system didn’t make their teeth whiter. However it is a normal thing for any teeth whitening product. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Go Smile bellow.

Review #1: Love this OTC brand of whitening…it definitely whitens and what I love most is that the ingredients are safe for those of us with sensitive teeth…

Review #2: This worked pretty well, much better than strips or trays, but it was real expensive.

For more reviews of Go Smile visit Amazon page here.

Directions on how to use it.


This whitening system is designed to be used for 7 or 12 days, one time in the morning and one time in the evening. Before applying Go Smile you need to both brush and floss your teeth. The process of using Go Smile ampules is quite simple and most importantly doesn’t take much time. In the first step you should take one ampoule from the package and reinsert it with an applicator tip while it is pointed outwards. In the second step squeeze the ampoule so that applicator tip would become saturated with a serum (pointing down). And in the last step apply it on your teeth’s surface until ampoule becomes completely empty. It is also worthwhile to mention that you should spend a little more time on teeth that are more discolored so that your smile would become equally white.

After applying the whole ampule on your teeth it is also important to avoid drinking or eating for at least twenty minutes so that the serum would be able to work more efficiently. The longer the serum will stay on your teeth the better whitening results you can expect.

Before and After results of Go Smile.


Where to buy Go Smile Whitening System and what is the Price?

This whitening system is available for purchase on the official website or on Amazon. Since the prices are usually a bit lower on the Amazon we recommend buying it from there. The price of Go Smile depends on whether you will choose 7 or 12 days whitening system. At the moment 7 days kit price range from $36 to $53.

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Bella Labs Teeth Whitening review.

About Bella Labs Teeth Whitening Kit.


Bella Labs Teeth Whitening kit promises noticeable results within just 6 days. The kit comes with two plastic tubes, which includes teeth bleaching gel. In addition to that you can find a plastic tray and a case for tray in the package. According to manufacturer of this product the active ingredients found in Bella Labs gel can help to eliminate tough stains, remove plague buildup and polish your teeth at the same time.

What Ingredients are included?


Based on manufacturer of this product, whitening gel in this kit consists of 2 main whitening agents – Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide. There are also a few additional components that are advantageous for teeth and oral health – Coenzyme Q10 and Sodium Fluoride. Learn more about each component included in this teeth gel bellow.

Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the most commonly included bleaching agents in teeth whitening gels. When HP is applied on the teeth it works by oxidizing strains.

Carbamide Peroxide. Just like HP, Carbamide Peroxide is an effective bleaching agent. When compared with Hydrogen Peroxide it is not that strong (about three times) so usually it is included in teeth whitening products in higher concentrations. You can find a more detailed comparison between these two whitening agents in this article.

Sodium Fluoride is a common component in teeth whitening gels since it is able to improve enamel, which significantly reduces the chances of having a decay. So in addition to teeth whitening benefits you can also improve your teeth health by using Bella Labs gel.

Coenzyme Q10 ingredient is advantageous component for oral health. Based on research it is able to improve health of teeth gum.

Other Ingredients: Poloxamer and Water.

What are The Main Pros and Cons?

The Main Pros:

  • The formulation of this product can help to prevent plague buildup, polish your teeth in addition to making them look whiter;
  • The product is designed to be used for up to 6 days, which should be enough to see noticeable results;
  • Formulation of the gel has effective whitening agents – Carbamide Peroxide and HP. Also whitening gel in this kit includes additional components (Sodium Fluoride and Coenzyme Q10) that are beneficial for both teeth and oral health;
  • It is one of the most affordable teeth whitening kits available and also huge savings on multiple packages are being offered;
  • Bella Labs offers 90 days money back guarantee when this kit is bought from official manufacturer page; however this only applies for unused packages (useful if you buy more than one package).

The Main Cons:

  • The official website of Bella Labs Teeth Whitening lacks some important information about the kit (what is included in the kit and how to use it), which might discourage some users from buying it;
  • You can find a few testimonials about this product mentioning that the mouth tray is a bit inconvenient to use and also that the gel is too liquid, which makes it more difficult to keep it in the tray;
  • While manufacturer of Bella Labs Kit includes information about ingredients in the gel, concentrations of whitening agents are not shown. It would be useful to know this information because HP and Carbamide Peroxide in higher concentrations are known to cause negative side effects like teeth sensitivity;

What do other people reviews say?

The reviews and testimonials of Bella Labs Teeth Whitening Kit that you can find online are mostly negative. In fact you would have a difficult time finding any positive reviews of this product, except on the official website. So it is quite obvious that there is something not right about this whitening product (quality, customer support and etc.) and precaution is necessary prior to buying it. Mixed reviews for most teeth whitening systems is quite common; however in this products case there are probably more negative ones. Read a few actual user reviews of Bella Labs Teeth Whitening bellow.


For more user testimonials of Bella Laboratories Teeth Whitening Kit visit Amazon page here.

Where to buy Bella Labs Teeth Whitening Kit?

You can buy Bella Labs Teeth Whitening kit from the official website online. When buying from manufacturer international shipping is available so you can get it delivered in almost every country. Currently there are a total of 3 offers to choose form and discounts are available when purchasing more packages of Bella Labs Kit. You can find a list of available offers bellow.

  • 1 package – $49.95;
  • 3 packages – $99.95;
  • 4 packages and plus 2 for free – $149.95.

Visit official Bella Labs Teeth Whitening page.

Summary of a review.

Even though this kit is one of the most affordable teeth bleaching products available, we wouldn’t recommend it. Although information about ingredients in Bella Labs whitening gel are provided, it is unclear what concentrations of these bleaching agents are being used. Due to this, you can’t be sure that it won’t cause sensitiveness or any other side effects that are common with some teeth whitening products. Furthermore you can find a few reviews online, which complains about the quality of the gel included and convenience of a mouth tray. So it is better invest additional $10-$20 and get a more professional kit that would provide more information about their product, have more positive testimonials and be more convenient to use.