Best Teeth Whitening Strips

#1. Crest 3D White Whitestrips.

Crest-3d-WhiteCrest 3D White is probably one of the best known and popular brands that offer teeth whitening strips. One great thing about this brand is that they offer a couple different products based on teeth sensitivity. The main bleaching agents in these strips are Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Hydroxide. Both of these whitening agents are effective for making teeth whiter and removing stains so you should get good results with all Crest 3D White products. The main reason why we listed this product in the first place is because it has very positive reviews from users and you can choose from different products based on sensitivity of your teeth and whitening results you want to get.

The Main Pros:

  • Uses effective and safe ingredients for teeth whitening (Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Hydroxide). So you can be sure that you will have noticeable results on your teeth after you finish all the strips;
  • You can expect to see noticeable results in terms of whitening within three days of usage and for more significant results you need to apply Crest 3D White strips for full 20 days.
  • It can be said that these strips have positive reviews from users, so it can be said that this product definitely works effectively for teeth whitening;
  • It can be said that this product is very reasonably priced since usually other brands offer two times less strips for similar price.

The Main Cons:

  • While the process of using these strips is easy and convenient you will still need to keep them on your teeth for up to 30 minutes daily. Also to get the maximum whitening results you have to apply these strips for up to 20 days.
  • Some products of this brand have higher concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide so it might be not suitable for people with more sensitive teeth. However you can choose a product called Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine, which has a bit milder formulation.

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#2. Rembrandt Whitenining Strips.

Rembrandt-stripsRembrandt also offers quite well rated and effective strips that claim to whiten you teeth within two week time. Based on manufacturer provided information they work effectively to remove stains (like from wine or coffee) and it also can help to protect your teeth from future stains too. You should also know that using Rembrandt products will not have negative effects on your dental work. One of the biggest benefits of these strips is that you only need to keep them on your teeth for up to 10 minutes daily. Also it is worthwhile to mention that these strips have quite positive feedback from users, which only confirms that this product meets most of its advertising claims.

The Main Pros:

  • There are a total of 56 strips in each package of Rembrandt, so it will be enough to use them for up to two weeks;
  • You only need to keep these whitening strips on your teeth for up to 10 minutes, so it is a great product if you impatient. Another great benefit is that they dissolve easily after each application;
  • The strips have a mint taste, so it will leave a pleasant taste in your mouth after application;
  • Mostly positive testimonials from users, so you can be sure that you will notice improvement in teeth color after using this product;
  • It can be said that Rembrandt strips are quite reasonably priced considering that there are quite a lot of them included in each package;

The Main Cons:

  • Since the main whitening agent in Rembrandt is Hydrogen Peroxide some it might cause sensitivity for some people or irritate gums;

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#3. Sheer White Whitening Strips.

Sheer-White-Whitening-StripsSheer White is also quite well known and rated brand that offers users to whiten their teeth using strips. These strips are designed to be used for 5 days so it is a good alternative for people who want to make their teeth whiter in a shorter period of time. The main whitening agent in these strips is Carbamide Peroxide, which is both effective and safe ingredient for teeth. Most testimonials of Sheer White strips are positive, which is the main reason why we listed it in this article.

The Main Pros:

  • The main whitening agent in these strips is Carbamide Peroxide, which is included in 20% concentration. It is both safe and effective ingredient for improving the color of your teeth, so you should definitely see improvement after using these strips;
  • Most user testimonials confirm that they noticed improvement in their teeth color after using Sheer White strips. So it is a good confirmation that this product actually works effectively for teeth whitening;
  • Based on manufacturer provided information these strips are able to provide similar results as other leading strips brands; however in a much shorter period of time;
  • The strips of Sheer White are designed so that it would fit adhere your teeth just perfectly, so it can be said that they are convenient to use.

The Main Cons:

  • Considering the fact that there are only 10 strips included in the package (5 days whitening), it can be said that it is quite expensive product; However since these strips have a bit stronger formulation you might need less of them to achieve similar whitening results as with other brands;
  • In case you will choose to buy these strips from Amazon you should know that there are a few complaints from users that they received expired strips. So before choosing a particular seller spend some time reading reviews of other users;
  • Since the main bleaching agent in these strips is Carbamide Peroxide some people might experience sensitivity after using these strips;
  • In case you haven’t used whitening strips before, it might be difficult to understand how to use this product since instructions provided are very uninformative.

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