Best Teeth Whitening Pens

Zero-Peroxide#1. Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening Pen.

As the name itself suggests Zero Peroxide company offers teeth whitening products that are free from peroxide. Due to this all products offered by this brand (including whitening pen) will cause no side effects (irritation of gums or teeth sensitivity). The main bleaching agent used in this pen is Sodium Bicarbonate, which is proven ingredient to provide noticeable whitening results. Also there are a lot of additional ingredients in Zero Peroxide gel formula, which can strengthen your enamel and improve your teeth health.


The Main Pros:

  • Great whitening pen for people who have more sensitive teeth, since it doesn’t contain any peroxide. Due to this you will not experience sensitivity or other side effects like mouth sores.
  • The main bleaching agent in this pen is Sodium Bicarbonate (35%), which is proven to work effectively for teeth whitening. Additional ingredient in the pen gel is Sodium Fluoride, which can strengthen your enamel & help to avoid decay. Other components like Aloe Vera and Chamomile can improve health of your gums, prevent mouth ulcers and kill bacteria. Also a gel in the pen has mild minty taste so it will leave a good taste in your mouth.
  • Very easy to use and you will need to keep a gel on your teeth only for 15 minutes.
  • All products of this brand have 2 years shelf life so you can use them in the long term;
  • Since Zero Peroxide gel doesn’t include peroxide it can be used by consumers legally in all EU countries (EU-approved formula).
  • Zero Peroxide products comes with 30 days money back guarantee;

The Main Cons:

  • In case you will choose to buy only whitening pen (without additional items in the kit) it will be quite expensive (~£20);

Visit the official site of Zero Peroxide.

2. Dazzling White Whitening Pen.

Dazzling-White-Whitening-PenDazzling White offers one of the cheapest pens for people who want to whiten their teeth. The manufacturer of this pen claims that using this pen for one week can make your teeth whiter by up to 4 shades (maximum 2 applications per day).

The main bleaching agent in this pen is Hydrogen Peroxide, which is included in 6% concentration. The fact that Dazzling White pen works can be confirmed by quite a lot of consumer testimonials online. So it can be said that this pen can be a great choice for people who are short on budget and want to slightly improve their teeth color.

The Main Pros:

  • Dazzling White gel contains Hydrogen Peroxide, which is one of the most effective teeth whitening agents;
  • Very cheap whitening pen and you can buy it for as little as $5-$10;
  • The gel should stay on your teeth for only 10 minutes after application. Usually other pens require keeping a gel in contact for longer time (20-30 minutes). However it is worthwhile to mention that it is not recommended to eat or drink for half an hour after application;
  • Most user reviews confirm that they noticed improvement in their teeth color after using this pen;

The Main Cons:

  • There are a few consumer testimonials complaining about the quality of these pens;
  • It is possible that usage of this pen might result in increased teeth sensitivity for some users since there is peroxide present in the formulation.

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#1. Finishing Touch Smile Whitening Pen.

Finishing-Touch-Smile-PenOne of the main reasons why we listed Finishing Touch Smile pen in the first place is because it is a very affordable (less than $10) and quite a lot of user testimonials confirm it effectiveness.

Since the main bleaching agent in this pen is Hydrogen Peroxide it is quite obvious why it works with high success rate. Based on clinical test results, this pen can make your teeth whiter by up to 5 shades. All these results can be achieved by using this pen for two weeks (maximum 4 daily applications).

The other thing to know about this pen is that it is not recommended to eat or drink for half an hour after each application. This way the gel will be in contact with your teeth for longer time and you will get better results.

The Main Pros:

  • Users of this pen can expect to make their teeth whiter by up to 5 shades within two week time.
  • Mostly positive consumer reviews, which confirm most of advertising claims of this pen;
  • Works quickly and you can expect to see results within just two days of usage;
  • It has fresh mint flavor so it will leave a good taste in your mouth;
  • Very affordable pen and the price ranges between $8-$30;

Main Cons:

  • Finishing Touch Smile Pen uses Hydrogen Peroxide as the main bleaching agent so it might cause sensitivity or irritation. For this reason it is best to avoid using this pen for people with sensitive teeth;
  • Not recommended to be used by pregnant & nursing women. Also this pen shouldn’t be used by people who have braces and it will not have whitening effect on crowns, caps and etc.

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